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When purchasing a Custom Table by Tschirhart's Custom Billiards, the choices are nearly endless.

This section will take you step-by-step through the table features and outline some of the choices that are available with our products.

The Difference

There is a difference when purchasing a custom table, and that difference is made by you, our client. Please view our Custom Line for an existing Custom Design or contact John to Custom Design a table unique to you. Architect and Designer commissions accepted.

Style and Format

Traditional, contemporary or totally out of this world... Victorian, Gregorian, or Oriental... Simple, Ornate, or Opulent... The Choice is yours!


The frame, legs and skirts are produced from "Select and Better" solid wood, stone or steel, giving you real value that will last for generations.

Oak, Domestic Cherry, Ash, are standard wood options. You can upgrade to Walnut, Claro Fig., Tulip, Birds-eye and Curly Maple, Bubinga, Teak, South American Mahogany (there is a big difference in Mahoganies), Wedge Wood, Zebra Wood, Ziricote, and many more...


A laminated rail with a hardwood cap provides a solid bounce and makes a beautiful piece of furniture. Using Exotic Woods add to that natural beauty also giving you a more durable, scratch resistant, low maintenance finish. Whatever wood you have chosen for your legs and frame is used as a standard, or you can choose one of the following exotic woods as a standard for yor rail caps; English Chestnut, Red Gum, Imbuya, Birds Eye or Curly Maple, African Paddock, Pecan, Sapele, Walnut, Wedge.
Upgrades are also available: With a Tschirhart table you get Solid Wood, giving you real value that will last for generations. All woods are subject to availability.

Steel Block Rails are also available.


The standard is 1" for 8' and 9' tables; 1 3/4" on the Empress Line and on all 12' tables. Most slates just meet WPBA standards of +.020" length and +.010" width. At Custom Billiards we hand hone all Empress table slate to +.005" or better. With a hand honed slate you not only get a flatness that meets WPBA standards, you get one that exceeds it, giving you decades of worry free and accurate play.


On Pool tables we use Brunswick Supperspeed rubber. For Snooker tables molded & matched sets of "Northern Rubber" of England is our standard. They produce rubber for World Championship Snooker Tables. It is about four to six times the cost of conventional rubber. However, it adds up to only about .05% to the cost of a standard table. The durability and bounce is far superior, giving you accurate, consistent play for decades.

Increased bolts per rail is another standard. I use four as a minimum more depending on the size of the table. Also I use Grade Five, Zinc plated, Fine thread bolds into Coldroled or Stainless T-Nuts inserted into the rail. This too provides low maintenance increases bounce and accuracy, making your game more enjoyable.


Hand-sewn pockets are a standard feature of our tables. To enhance the durability of the pocket rail mounts as a standard I insert Copper Bushings in the rails reducing wear to the rail and assuring the longevity of your investment.

I use only the finest billiard cloths: Hainsworth, Championship's Titan or Tour Edition and Simonis are the names of World Renowned Manufacturers. Hainsworth for Snooker, Championship or Simonis for Pool. With Championship's Titan or Tour Edition and Simonis there are many colors to choose from, allowing you to suit any mood or decor. Both cloths will insure durability and great play

The Finish

This is the standard that I am most proud of.
For many years I have been working to perfect a Hand-Rubbed Hot Oil and Wax finish. Oil enhances the natural beauty of the woods like no other finish. For the most part the biggest difference is this finish is in the wood, as opposed to a build up on top of the wood. The end result is a sort of “Antique French Polish”, or polished wood with “21rst Century” technology. At the same time this finish is much more environmentally friendly. Adding to preserve our air, forest and health. Most mass-produced tables use NGR and Lacquer finish. Though lacquer is very hard it does chip and wear. Your once new table starts to look very used despite your care. With my standard hot oil and wax finish, you get durability and peace of mind.


Every Tschirhart table gets a Customized name plate to suit the table design, Solid Brass, Stainless steel, or whatever best suits the table. We can also carve directly into the rail of the table. Customizable and unique to your family, the name plate is what completes your table. It will identify the work to others for generations, truly making your table a beautiful heirloom.

Please view our Custom Line for an existing Custom Design or contact John to Custom Design a table unique to you. Architect and Designer commissions accepted.

Also enjoy our Portfolio of Work to see past projects.
Contact us for more information.


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