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Custom Billiards by Tschirhart's
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Designing and building a complementary piece for any table is a specialty of Custom Billiards

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Cues Racks
Cloth Choices

For Mr. Dailley (Owner, African Lion Safari),
Custom Billiards built a dining table top for
his large custom-made snooker table.

Place your mouse over this picture
to see the transformation.

These custom dining table chairs were
built to complement the large table
and an even richer decor in the home of
Mr. Dailley (Owner, African Lion Safari).

Place your mouse over this picture
to see the original chair.

Although not taken through to completion,
this design for a custom fish tank would
have complemented the 5x10 Snooker
Table and 14' Shuffleboard we built for
Tim Johnson.

Place your mouse over the design
to view the complementing table.

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