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Custom Pool tables

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Made In Canada


Anniversary Tables
Brunswick 1940s/50s

The tables are available as is or Totally Reconditioned (as show above).

This includes; New Black Rubber, (including new wood for rail tacking strip), Polished castings and kick plates, Honed Slate, upgraded fine thread grade 5 bolts. All these tables have Walnut Rails which will be finished in oil and polished to an antique sheen. Some of the tables have Maple skirts some have Mahogany skirts. The skirts can be finished to original condition, (see image above) that is black with white lines or finished with a natural wood stain. The legs are the original Mahogany/Teak plywoodand look very good finished with a natural stain, oiled and wax polish.

Tables come with the following:
90/10 or 100% 27 oz English Wool Cloth
Championship Snooker Balls
4 - Dufferin Hi-Run Cues
2- Rakes
1 set of Long Cue and Rake
Original Brunswick Triangle (while supplies last)
Local Delivery and Installation

Reconditioned Price:
Now 4x8" Pool Tables available 47"x94" Playing Surface
5x10 - (one available Canadian Snooker One American Snooker) $8,500.00

6x12's - $9,500.00
3 available.

To order a table or for more info please contact John Tschirhart:

Anniversary Tables
Brunswick 1940s/50s

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