Message from John Tschirhart

Message from John Tschirhart

John Tschirhart

There is no doubt that over the past 100 years, the world has dramatically changed.

Our homes are a great example of this change. With the average home size more than doubling, (on average they are 78% larger than in 1919), our kitchens, living rooms  and bathrooms have undergone huge transformations. The utilities we use to provide comfort within our living spaces are easier to operate and provide a level of comfort never seen before in human history.

Mass production has created home furnishings that offer greater variety, and in many cases at an unbelievably low cost!

100 years ago, the basement was a cold damp part of the house used to store coal and potatoes.

Today, the basement is a comfortable part of the home, and  has often helped to double the size of our living area. This can provide extra bedrooms and recreation space. Many people are opting for a family games room or “Man Cave”. Personally, I find that latter term a bit sexist. Many women love to add their touch, or even have their own “She Shed” or “Woman Cave”. But whatever you want to call them, these new spaces are a boon to the home design industry.

As we have seen, even the terms we use to describe the space and the associated products have changed. The long standing “Billiard Industry” is now slowly switching to a more international and game-encompassing term “Cue Sports.”

Another change is that mass production of  Games Room Furnishings has made these rooms affordable to the masses. It is also true that the quality and design options of many of these products is outstanding.

As I personally look back and deal with Billiard products from the past 100 years, even having some tables from the 1870’s – so about 150  years –here’s what I have seen.  I am sad to say that in the “Cue Sports” industry, today’s general service and workmanship has fallen greatly from a century ago. However, let me assure you, it is not totally lost.

I have been a small custom manufacturer for more than 25 years and have serviced billiard tables for close to 40 years.  I have the knowledge, skills and flexibility to produce custom billiard tables and accessories as well as restore quality Antique Heirlooms to any client’s taste and exacting demands.

With an insatiable appetite for excellence, I put forth an earnest effort to keep the tradition of old-world craftsmanship alive.

If you have any Cue Sport or Games Room Table needs, please allow me to provide my years of experience and work together with you to produce an item of which we will all be proud.


John Tschirhart

President & CEO


  • Burmese Teak 


  • Aluminum frame for strength and lighter shipping to Kauai. HI


  • Accessory Drawer 


  • Contemporary Flush Mount Pockets